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Amanda Clark

A Bit About Me


First Grade

B.S. Family Consumer & Human DevelopmentUtah State University

Miss Clark is a dedicated first-grade teacher with a passion for outdoor activities and physical fitness. As a graduate of Utah State University in 2016, Miss Clark began her teaching career with three years in preschool before moving to first grade, where she has taught for the past five years. 


Miss Clark loves being a part of such a young and exploratory classroom where she gets to see her students grow a similar love of learning, as they discover the world around them.  She delights in seeing her students' eyes light up with curiosity and wonder.

Outside of teaching, Miss Clark enjoys climbing, mountain biking, exercising, reading, spending time with loved ones and traveling as often as possible to new places.


For the past two years, Miss Clark has been a part of the Telos community. She is now excited to start a new chapter, teaching kindergarten, and looks forward to inspiring her youngest students and sparking their love for learning.


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