Uniform and Dress Code

To maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, we require that all students abide by Telos’s uniform and dress code. Our uniform’s purpose is to identify our students and to promote our core values. Our goal is not to squash students’ individuality. Rather, we want to secure their commitment to a community of learners and remove distractions such as the latest fads, conversations about modesty, or even social competition.

Below is a visual representation of Telos Classical Academy’s uniform. You can purchase the uniform through Lands’ End here.

Telos Dress Code

For more details about dress code on Formal Days and non-uniform days, please see our Uniform and Dress Code Guide

Uniform Alternatives to Lands’ End

We’ve placed a star next to items that can be purchased at other retailers such as Target, Old Navy, JCrew, French Toast, and Schooluniforms.com.  If you have questions about a uniform item not listed on the vendor site, please email Masen masen@telosclassicalacademy.org. to determine if it is approved before purchasing.

Please note:

  • All shorts and pants cannot have drawstrings on the front or cargo pockets.
  • Skirts and dresses must fall at, or just above the knee

All polos, jackets, blazers, jumpers, dresses, and sweaters/sweatshirts must have Telos’ logo embroidered on them (all tops). If you purchase a top or jumper from an alternative store, please contact mwilliamson@telosclassicalacademy.org to connect with our local embroiderer GPD Creative in SLC.

For the following articles of clothing, GPD charges:

  • 1-9 items - $7.50 per item
  • 10-24 items - $6 per item
  • 25+ items - $5 per item

Israel Gaertner - GPD Creative

220 E. 3900 S
Salt Lake City, UT


* Khaki Pants

* Navy Pants

* Gray pants

* Khaki Shorts

* Navy Shorts

* Gray Shorts

* Navy Polo

* White Polo

* Navy Long-Sleeved Polo

*White Long-Sleeved Polo

* White Short-Sleeved Dress Shirt

* White Long-Sleeved Dress Shirt

* Blue Short-Sleeved Dress Shirt

* Blue Long-Sleeved Dress Shirt

Navy Sweater Vest

Navy Long-Sleeved Sweater

* Navy Blue Sweatshirt

Navy Mid-Weight Fleece

Navy Fleece Lined Rain Jacket (Field Trips)

* Navy Blue Jacket (Formal Occasions)

Tie (Formal Occasions)

Belt (Optional)

Backpack (Optional)


(same options as boys above, with additional options below)

* Navy Jumper (Old Navy only for alternative)

Gray Jumper

Classic Navy Plaid Jumper

Little Stocking Co Navy Charm Dress (must add Telos logo)

* Navy Pleated Skort (JCrew Factory only for alternative)

Navy Pleated Skirt

Khaki Pleated Skort

Khaki Pleated Skirt

Gray Pleated Skirt

Classic Navy Plaid Top of the Knee Skort

* Navy Cardigan Sweater

* Navy Cardigan Low Cut Sweater

* Navy Girls Blazer (Formal Occasions)

* Leggings (Optional)

* Knee Socks (Optional)

* Cartwheel Shorts (Shorts must be worn under skirts/dresses)

* Headband (Optional)

Dress Code

  • Shirts must be tucked into a student’s pants, shorts, or skirt.
  • Shorts and pants must not have cargo pockets or drawstrings on the front.
  • Plain black, gray, white, or navy-blue leggings can be worn under a skirt or jumper but not as pants.
  • A tie is not required when wearing a dress shirt unless it is for a formal event.
  • Jewelry must be conservative and restricted to the ears, neck, and hands.
  • Smart watches with calculators, internet access, or games may not be worn.
  • Hats must be removed when inside a building.
  • Heavy jackets may be worn over the school uniform when outside.
  • All skirts and skorts must fall at girls’ knees.
  • Cartwheel shorts for girls are worn under a skirt or dress.
  • Shoes must have a back heel (or backstrap) and closed toe with less than 1-inch heels. No slippers, light up, sound, characters, or wheels.
  • Students will wear uniforms on field trips, but they do not typically need to be worn on Common Arts days.

Dollar Days

Once a month, Telos will do a fundraiser where students can wear non-uniform clothes that relates to the theme for the month. On this day, students can pay $1 to wear clothes such as pajamas, favorite sports teams, favorite literary/historical character, etc. and we will donate the money to a uniform fund that will help families in need pay for the uniform.

On non-uniform school days, the following clothing cannot be worn:

  • Clothing that is see-through or where undergarments are exposed.
  • Clothing where the butt, torso, or entire thigh is exposed, such as micro-minis and short shorts.
  • Clothing or accessories which show profanity, vulgar words or pictures, sexually suggestive statements, violence or incitement to violence, are libelous, constitutes harassment or discrimination, or promotes controlled substances such as tobacco, drugs, or alcohol.