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From our Founder

After COVID sent our kids home from school in March 2020, I realized I wasn’t really thrilled with my son’s schooling that year: he hated going to school, and he didn’t seem to be learning much anyway.

My husband and I decided to try something different and I homeschooled my two boys while we traveled during the 2020-2021 school year. I discovered classical education through various homeschool curriculum sites and fell in love with the idea of focusing my kids’ learning around the true, good, and beautiful.

However, while I knew the classical method of instruction and content was worth pursuing, I realized that homeschooling wasn’t a long-term solution for our family. I needed to find a school where I could send my two boys.

I wanted a school that would give them knowledge but also a school that would inspire joy in what they were learning. I wanted them to know God's love for them and to spread His love to others. I wanted them to learn how to teach themselves anything by wondering, reading thoughtfully, deciphering fact from fiction, and coming to their own conclusions. I wanted them to speak and write with knowledge and eloquence.

A great education is not just about acquiring facts and knowledge; it’s also about passing on culture and learning how to be a virtuous person. It should teach a child why he should care. It should teach a child how to use her hands to create beautiful things, or to do good in the world. It should reveal to them that their greatest purpose is to glorify God by loving others. I wanted a school that would help my sons become better human beings in multiple ways– by using their heads, their hearts, and their hands.  In order for this to happen, I needed to open my own school.

- Steph Murray

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