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Virtues & Habits

School should help students develop more than just knowledge and skills. Learning about and practicing virtues daily enables our scholars to build strong character that will serve them throughout their lives.

Ancient Rome is believed to have been built upon seven hills that originated as independent villages that merged and worked together to become a fortified and prosperous city. Similarly, we have built Telos upon seven virtues that we believe are essential to form hard working, engaged students who develop good habits and a love for learning.

As a student of Telos Classical Academy, I will be honest in conduct, dedicated to serious study, and respectful of the rights of others. I will exemplify PRUDENCE, TEMPERANCE, FORTITUDE, JUSTICE, PIETY, CHARITY, and SERVICE with the aim of becoming a virtuous scholar and citizen.

Core Beliefs


Prudence is the ability to discern the appropriate course of action to be taken in a given
situation at the appropriate time. Aristotle described this as “right reason applied to right
practice.” We believe in helping students become intentional with their actions, have purpose in everything they do, and utilize wisdom in every deed.


Temperance is the restraint of our desires or passions. Temperance keeps our desires in check so that they do not overcome us. Temperance means showing moderation in all things, practicing self-control, and being patient with ourselves and others.


Fortitude gives us the strength to do what our minds and hearts tell us is right. It allows us to rise above our natural fears to accomplish what is right. We pursue what is good and persevere when things get tough. Telos emphasizes accountability for our choices from an early age. This requires immense courage to be able to accept the consequences for our actions. We practice being vulnerable when we do not know something and admitting when we are wrong.


Justice, when combined with other Christian virtues, promotes righteousness and integrity. Justice is fulfilling our obligations to others, as well as respecting the rights of and establishing harmony that promotes equality with others. We become more just human beings as we strive to live righteously, maintain high moral standards, and trust in those who endeavor to help us.


Piety means having fidelity to natural obligations such as toward God, parents, and neighbors. Being a Christian academy, we strive to be faith promoting in everything we do. We teach a non-denominational, Christian doctrine founded in the Old and New Testaments.


Charity is the pure love which we show to God and our fellow man. Christ commanded us to love God and our neighbors in this way. At Telos Classical Academy, we strive to instill a sense of love for God, ourselves, and our fellow man. We forgive those who may have wronged or offended us and act with simple kindness toward all, regardless of any differentiating quality.


Service the willingness to bear other people’s burdens and comfort those who need it. It is an active principle of sacrifice and selflessness. At Telos, students go out of their way to help others, sacrifice their own time and energy to succor others, and strive to give service without any thought of reward or praise.

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