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Jacelyn Sytsma

A Bit About Me

Sixth Grade

​B.A. Elementary EducationCalvin University

Mrs. Sytsma has over twenty years of teaching experience in Christian and private schools in Michigan, Washington, New Jersey and Texas. She developed a love for Christian classical education as she witnessed its impact on her two now grown children, both classical school graduates. She values the way in which Christian classical education forms students through knowledge, reasoning and communication, and, more importantly, shapes their affections toward what is true, good, and beautiful

Mrs. Sytsma has been married to her husband Andy, a pastor in Salt Lake City, for 30 years.  As missionary kids who both grew up overseas, they share a passion for travel and intercultural communication. Recent transplants to Utah, they are enjoying exploring the wonders of God’s creation in this beautiful state.

Mrs. Sytsma has worked as the music director in several of the congregations they have served, and is passionate about mentoring young musicians to honor their Maker with their talents. She looks forward to helping students at Telos grow in wisdom and wonder as they explore the many aspects of God’s amazing world.


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