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Academy Life

The life of Telos Classical Academy is reflected within the lives of our scholars, parents, faculty, and staff. Our days are consumed with joyful learning, wonder, and a combination of intellectual stimulation, exploration, and personal growth. In all we do, we emphasize intrinsic motivation, critical thinking, and the pursuit of a virtuous life. Our culture creates an educational environment where the joy of learning becomes a natural and integral part of the Telos experience.

Telos 7th Grade Student

"Telos is a small school, which allows the teachers to focus on all the kids individually."

Telos 2nd & 3rd Grade Parent

"I enjoy seeing the academic growth in my son as well as the enriching relationships created within our Telos community"

Telos 5th Grade Student

"I love Telos for its classical teachings and love of God."
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