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Why Classical Education?

Updated: May 21


Classical Christian Education – What is it?

Modern education focuses on knowing facts and acquiring skills with the explicit practical purposes of getting into a good college or having a good career. While these are not bad goals, and may often be the result of a good classical Christian education, the goal of classical Christian education is to lead students toward wisdom and virtue by deliberating on the purpose of being a good human. We focus on the true, the good, and the beautiful. Students should be able to graduate from the academy and move on to whatever learning opportunity is next in life.

Classical Christian teachers and curricula guide students how to discern and understand timeless truths as opposed to what is bound by time and culture. When students study connections among classical literature, history, science, philosophy, logic, and theology, they recognize the themes, struggles, and virtues that transcend time. Modern curricula react to the current social political climate and teach students that truth varies with individual perspectives. The result is a heightened and false belief that truth is bound to historical and cultural situations. At Telos Classical Academy, we teach that there are truths and virtues which do not bend and sway with the passing of time.

Classical Christian education emphasizes the continuity between the Creator and all that is created, and the interrelated nature of all knowledge. Within an interdisciplinary approach students are able to master content and then progress on to more challenging work. Mastery includes neat, not sloppy work and an attitude that is hungry to learn more. The student’s intellectual ability and readiness for harder, more vigorous content will determine their trajectory in the academy and in life.

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