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Telos Classical Academy

Empowering scholars to develop intellect and virtue and reach their full potential. 

Welcome to Telos Classical Academy

A unique classical, Christian, private academy that engages students on a journey of learning in order for them to reach their "telos."  Telos is a Greek term meaning "reaching full potential." Our faculty weave together a beautiful tapestry of rigorous and vigorous classical content to develop students who love and serve God, are ready and willing to lead, and are resilient. Within a joyful learning environment, Telos motivates students to discover their true calling and passion in life.

Mission, Vision, and Virtues

Classical Education

Faculty & Staff

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A Telos graduate is one who knows and loves God, pursues Truth, exemplifies virtue, is a strong leader, and is determined and resilient.

Old Books
Challenging Academics
Countryside Road


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