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The Mission of Telos Classical Academy is to develop students’ lifelong habits of moral and intellectual virtue with the aim of growing in knowledge and love of God and neighbor.

Portrait of a Graduate

A Telos graduate is one who knows and loves God, pursues Truth, exemplifies virtue, is a strong leader, and is determined and resilient. 


A Telos graduate:

Knows and Loves God

A Telos graduate has a deep understanding of the person of Christ and a desire to live a life that glorifies Him and serves others.

Pursues Truth

A Telos graduate believes that Truth exists and is knowable, is able to discern Truth from falsehoods, and is unafraid to speak Truth.  

Exemplifies Virtue

A Telos graduate exemplifies the seven virtues of prudence, temperance, fortitude, justice, piety, charity, and service.

Leads When Called

A Telos graduate knows when to lead and when to serve. When called, he or she is able to communicate effectively and persuasively so that others will follow.

Displays Grit and Resilience

A Telos graduate pursues his or her calling in the world with discipline, resourcefulness, and humility.

Achieving Our Mission

Our culture, expectations, and approach to education help us meet our mission and develop Telos graduates that reflect the profile above. Here are six things a scholar can expect at Telos Classical Academy:

Challenging Academics

We believe students are capable of much. We set high expectations and help students meet them. We prioritize deep understanding and wisdom over shallow knowledge, helping scholars make connections in all that they do.

Practical Knowledge

We believe students should learn traditional and real world skills such as gardening, financial literacy, how to change a tire, and electrical engineering.

Family and Civics

We believe that family is critical to a scholar’s development. Parents are both informed and involved in their children’s education. While we leave matters of individual political beliefs to parents, we believe that America is a country to be proud of and that all scholars should have a deep understanding of their country’s history, values, and contributions.

Christian Education

We believe the fullest expression of classical education is intertwined with Christianity. The Nicene Creed is our statement of faith. Students study the Bible and its application to their lives and the world.

Joyful Culture

We believe excellence and joyful learning can go together. We strive to create a culture where students support one another, not stressing over the little things but focused on learning and becoming virtuous citizens. We value time outside and don’t bog scholars down with busy work that keeps them from enjoying nature.

Virtue and Character

We study the seven virtues of prudence, temperance, fortitude, justice, piety, charity, and service. Scholars explore and contemplate the virtues and vices embodied by themselves, their schoolmates, and the figures they encounter in literature, history, and theology to examine how daily choices contribute to the refinement or erosion of character.

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